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DoorWorks Premium 4-Sided  "Over the Top" Portable Golf Cart Cover - Universal

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DoorWorks Premium 4-Sided "Over the Top" Portable Golf Cart Cover - Universal

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DoorWorks. 4-Sided Universal Cover

The DoorWorks Premium 4-Sided “Over the Top” Golf Cart cover is a versatile, easy-to-install cover that will last for years.

It is the best drivable cover on the market and is available in a universal fit. Cover fits the Club Car Precedent, Onward, Tempo, DS, EZGO RXV, TXT, Star Car and many more (except the Yamaha Drive).

Installing this portable golf cart cover is fast and easy. Just remove from the carrying case, throw over the top of the cart and hook in the four corners. The hooking design was made specifically to avoid users having to tie or bend down for long periods of time to secure the cover. Great for golfers using fleet carts or golf cart owners who want a quick reliable cover when needed.

What's Included in the Package?

  • 4 Sided Over-the-Top Cover
  • U Shaped Dual-Pull Metal Zippers
  • Hooks and Bungee
  • Removable Front Windshield
  • Carrying Case
  • Free Shipping
  • 3-Year Warranty

Available in Multiple Colors.
Match Your Cart.

The 4-Sided Universal Enclosure uses a high-grade, durable material. Designed to stand up to the elements, this fabric has a stiff finish to maintain shape and is easy to clean. Available in Black, Tan, Forest Green, and Blue.

Not Compatible With:

Easy Installation. Use All Year Round!

Each Ace Cart Cover is designed to fit roof lengths up to 60" long and 44" wide.

Here is a list of available models:

Club Car

  • Precedent
  • Onward
  • DS 2000+
  • DS Pre-2000


  • RXV
  • TXT 1994-2013
  • TXT 2014+

Built In Upper and Lower Windblockers.
Front Window is Removable.

Upper and lower windshield blockers are built right in to the cover to stop any airflow from the top and bottom of the windshield. This ensures a tight seal on all 4 sides of the golf cart.

If the golf cart has a windshield simply remove the front window and store until needed.

snap wrap

3 Year Warranty. Unmatched.

In addition to the high quality materials and craftsmanship that goes into every 3 Sided Cover and includes an unmatched 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

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